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زندگی‌نامه: Our Company
Huizhou Bliss Commodity Co., Ltd is located in Huizhou, Guangdong, China. It founded in 2013, has 7 years history in cosmetics and manufacture business. Our factory main production and sale a variety of the soaps (as transparent soap, cartoon soap, essential oil soap etc.), bath salts and bath fizzers, essential oil, shampoo, body lotion, shower gel, hand soap, bath gift sets and other body care products. We鈥檝e got the newest ISO22716-GMPC certificate through SGS that fulfill America FDA standard. We are experienced on exporting bath products since we have many experienced experts working tightly in R&D, production, design, sales, purchasing departments, nowadays our customers have cover America, Europe, South America, Asia etc. We can accept OEM. As we focus on good quality, best price, punctual delivery, best service, we are confident that you will become our most loyal customers, partners and friends. We hope that we work together to create a better tomorrow, and sincerely welcome you to visit and guidance.
Our Product
1. Bath bomb
2. Shower gel
3. Bath soap
4. Face mask
5. Body lotion
6. Hand sanitizer
Production Equipment
Product Application
Take shower, foot soak
Our Certificate
ISO 22716 & GMPC Certificate; SEDEX Certificate; Disney Fama Certificate; FDA Certificate
Production Market
50% from North America, the largest customer is Wal-Mart; 8% in the domestic market; 12% from South America; the second largest market in the UK, accounting for 30%.
Our Service
We partner with our customers to accelerate innovation by working together on great ideas that lead to growth. We care as much about your projects as you do. When you call us, you get a real person to handle your questions or concern. We are sticklers. We have to be because we work with the highest quality brands in the industry whose customers expect a lot. We want to give you a quality product that will keep your customer coming back for more. It is good for your business, which is good for our business.cheap Natural Organic Bath Bombs With Rings
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