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محل زندگی: http://www.eurodo-hardware.com/panic-exit-device/

Product Feature.
. Material:
. Sample: Free sample but freight paid by customer;
. Complying with BSEN 1634:2000 Standard;
. In accordance with European Fire testing FD30/60;
. Grade 1 safety, grade 3 high frequency of use;
. Oval shape horizontal bar, standard:900mm Max: 1300mm on request latch for immediate exit;
.Easi-close latch.

. Complying with European standard;
. 2 years quality gaurantee;
. Free sample;
. Professional process control;;
. Good manufacture equipmen and maintainence;
. Quick service afetr sales;
. Design and manufacture for customer speical need;

Room door, Bathroom, bedroom door, wooden door, hotel door , construction and real-estate

Our service:
. Quick response to customer;
. Free sample;
. One stop solution;
. OEM and ODM welcome;

With more than 10 years, our certification covers CE, Certifire, FD 30/60/90 certification.

Test Lab.

Our workshop.
CE marking
The mandatory CE mark clearly shows that product has been independently tested and assessed to
BS EN 1125: 1997 (touch and pushbars) & BS EN 179: 1998 ( Push Pad) for panic exit hardware.
British Standards
BS EN 179: 1998 = emergency exit devices operates by a lever handle or push pad.
BE EN 1125: 1997 = panic exit devices operated by a horizontal bar.

Legislative compliance
easi-exit complies fully with BS EN 1125: 1997 (touch and pushbars) & BS EN 179: 1998 ( Push Pad) in terms of manufacture, performance and testing and provides ‘safe and effective escape through the doorway with minimum effort and without prior knowledge of operation’ as required for every new build or replacement application in buildings used by the public.

Excellent Fire Resistance
Successfully fire tested to BS EN1634: 2000 and Fire Rated 30/60 minutes, easi-exit is rated Grade 1: Suitable for Fire Resistance by BS EN 1125: 1997 and meets the requirements of the Fire Precautions Act 1971. Always consult the Local Fire Officers for their interpretation of the Act before finalising specification

Safety and security
The easi-exit range has been designed and tested in the UK to combine safety and optimum security with increased adaptability required by the modern specifier / supplier.Panic Exit Device factory
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